Dogs are a part of our family, make them a part of your special day!

You have enough to worry about on your big day, why not have a trained professional worry about Fido? 

If you want your pup to be included we can help! From taxi service, to handling during photos and ceremony. 

Things   to consider


Do your Pets Make the Wedding Ceremony Cut?
You must be honest and ask yourself if your pet is well-behaved enough to   participate in your wedding. You don’t want your wedding day to be ruined by   a pet catastrophe! Here are some points to consider: Will your pet be   comfortable? How does your pet react to large crowds and noisy situations?   Does your pet have unpredictable behavior? Does your pet respond to basic   commands? Is your pet well-trained and obedient? If you have any doubts about   your pets, you might reconsider and instead incorporate your pets into   wedding photos, display a photo of you and your beloved pets, and/or add a   wedding cake topper that is a replica of your pets.

Obtain Permission
Because including pets in a wedding ceremony is non-traditional, ensure that   pets are welcome by checking with the church officiant, ceremony venue and/or   reception venue. Everyone should be aware of your pet’s wedding role. If they   are uncomfortable or worried, reassure them that your pet is in superior   hands, potty trained, and well-behaved. You may want to introduce your pets   to the venue owner to demonstrate how lovable and obedient they are.

Choose an Appropriate Role
Ring bearer, bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl, "Best Pet" or   simply allow them to be present during the ceremony to bear witness to your nuptials.

Decide on Wedding Attire
A few ideas include choosing a bow tie to hold the wedding rings, a t-shirt   with the name of the bride and groom, a pet tuxedo or pet wedding gown, a pet   bridesmaid dress, and/or pet-friendly ring bearer pillows. Make sure that any   "special" clothing or wedding attire you choose for your pet is pet   appropriate, to enable him/her to easily relieve themselves without soiling   the garment. 

Get your Pets Groomed
You want your pets to look and smell their best on your wedding day as well   as keep guests with dander allergies from having a reaction. We provide a “grooming   taxi” to your favorite groomer for $25 RT. Make sure you are making their appointment a day or two before the event so there is plenty of time to get   your pet to the wedding.

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Wedding Concierge Services are only available in Lane County, Oregon. Contact us for services, pricing, and availability. 

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